More Dogs Eating Drugs, Vets Say

More Dogs Eating Drugs, Vets Say
By Matthew Ramsey, The Province

Doped-up dogs are turning up at their vets’ office in increasing numbers.The owner of the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley said the number of dogs consuming their owners’ illicit drugs then ending up ill in her waiting room has “easily doubled” in the past 10 years. Dr. Nadine Koreman now treats at least one cranked-up canine case every week.

“We see a lot of dogs that come in for eating drugs,” said Koreman, whose clinic works with animals from Delta to Abbotsford. “A lot of times the owner may not know exactly how much it’s gotten into unless it’s all gone.”

The 13-year vet said marijuana is the most common drug dogs eat, but she’s also treated animals that have scarfed cocaine, ecstasy, hash brownies and powerful pain medications, including opiates.

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