All it Took was a Biscuit

All it Took was a Biscuit to Make my Baby’s Dream Come True
By Michael O’Rourke, San Antonio Express-News

I thought my days of getting up in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby were over. The chapter of my life where I warmed milk, mashed food and cleaned up “accidents” was written. I hadn’t planned on being spit up on again until my pregnant sister gives birth later this year and my soon-to-be-born niece baptizes my shoulder. Yet, for three days in a row, I have staggered out of bed in the middle of the night to tend to a newborn bladder. I lovingly scoop the baby up in my arms, go out into the front yard and plop the baby down. “Go potty, Biscuit.”That’s right. We have a new puppy. Birth order often determines pet ownership. Oldest children get the first pet. Oldest children get to pick the dog or cat and the other siblings enter a family that already has an animal. My middle daughter, Sarah, was no exception. Her older sister had won the pet lottery by being born first. Sarah has always wanted her own dog. For years I told her that, someday, it would happen.

It started when she was in kindergarten. At the book fair Sarah picked up “Hello, Biscuit.” Biscuit was a golden retriever puppy.



Four-legged Survivor: Katrina Refugee now Living the Good Life

Four-legged Survivor: Katrina Refugee now Living the Good Life
By Scott Johnston, The Press-Tribune

Starving and scared, these four-legged refugees wandered hopelessly through the streets of post-Katrina ravaged New Orleans.It was a dance with death that many didn’t endure, but for thousands of others hope was just around the corner.

One of the lucky ones was a waterlogged golden retriever puppy who was named Woody by his rescuers (his name has since been changed to Crombie).

Three weeks after Katrina laid New Orleans to waste, Roseville resident John Mabry took a month-and-a-half leave of absence from his job as an account representative for PG&E, traveling to the soggy city with the animal rescue group Mutt Shack.

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