Golden Fun

Stupid Pet Tricks

After we moved into a new house, our Golden Retriever, Rugby, started picking up clothing from my daughters’ rooms, piling it in the foyer, and sleeping on top of it. I trained him to go the distance, and carry it all to the laundry room every morning. Of course he got rewarded with a special treat for his work. ~ Dianne Arnheim, Walpole, MA

Our Golden Retriever gathers socks and underwear and places them into the washing machine, and has now graduated to shirts! Go Maverick! ~ Patty Pruett, Dayton, Nevada

Now, would you call these stupid tricks? I sure wouldn’t.

My Barking Bridesmaids
By Hywel Trewyn, Daily Post

A NORTH Wales woman enjoyed a “furry-tail” wedding thanks to her barking mad bridesmaids. Blushing bride Joan Williams walked down the aisle yesterday followed by her two pet dogs.Five-year-old St Bernard Joseph and 10-year-old golden retriever Morse were guests of honour as the Llandudno mum-of-three tied the knot with partner Mani Rakhra.

And although the canine bridesmaids were not wearing conventional wedding attire they certainly looked their best. Abrushed-up Joseph wore a brandy cask around his neck to symbolise his roots as an Alpine rescue dog. Morse sported a special collar made up of cream roses, blue hydrangeas and green foliage – to match Joan’s floral bouquet.

Both had new blue leads and stood to attention – tails wagging –while being photographed with the bride and groom.


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