Golden Dublin is a Welcome Guest in the Classroom

By Ryn Gargulinski, Pilot staff writer

In most cases, age 42 is a tad old to be hanging around a first grade classroom.

But not in the case of Dublin. And although she’s 42 in human years, she’s only six in dog years, and has been a fixture in Dan Rotterman’s Kalmiopsis Elementary School class for the last five of those.

Dogs were first allowed to come to the classroom when then-principal Chris Nichols approved the idea, Rotterman said.

“Dublin is such a joy to have in the classroom,” Rotterman said of the golden retriever – and the students agree.

On Tuesday, Dublin’s first day at school this year, students took any chance they could to either pet, pat or take a peek at the dog – but not, of course, at the expense of their studies.

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Stray Adoption Policy Leaves Two Owners in Dogfight

Stray Adoption Policy Leaves Two Owners in Dogfight
By Salatheia Bryant, Houston Chronicle

In the weeks following the July 28 disappearance of her golden retriever, Bear, Christina Porreca searched through her neighborhood and at local animal shelters for the dog she had raised from a pup.Then Porreca logged on to the Web site of a local golden retriever rescue group. There, under the heading “Happy endings” she found a photo of a dog she swears is Bear, but with a word that made her heart sink: “Adopted.”

The dog she thinks is Bear was being called Ella and now belonged to someone else.