Kaytee – Such a Golden Gem!

The very special story detailed below brings Kaytee to mind, a Golden lovingly depicted at our site who has been blind since 6 weeks old due to a bite to the head. Adopted by Karen Mier at eight weeks of age, she continues to enjoy life having just turned 12 in July. The above photo shows Kaytee’s winning entry in the Sweet Golden Smiles Photo Contest this past April.

Blind dog’s best buddy could be you

Beware. Buddy’s not going to fall in love with you by sight. Because it doesn’t matter to this blind dog whether you’re tall or blond, or have money or a big house.But you will fall in love with him. Just as Barb Yost and Joyce Brown of Hopewell Township did in May.

You’ll look as they did at his glazed chocolate-brown eyes, big as quarters, wonder why he tilts his head, left then right, and then gladly give your hand to him.

And as you stroke his silky cinnamon coat, you’ll ask yourself, as Yost and Brown did, how someone could have left this sweet-tempered, 4-year-old golden retriever mix tied to a post along a Raccoon Township road.

But you’ll know his life’s better now. Buddy hears wind chimes and lies on the porch swing for long hours with Mollie, Yost’s cocker spaniel, or on a bed with Sammy, Brown’s cat.

He’s learned that the deep-pile area rugs lead to the kitchen and there’s room for his wagging tail in Brown’s tiny Victorian home. Buddy adapts. Maybe because he’s probably always been blind, Yost said.

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