4th Genes, Dogs & Cancer Conference

There are still open slots for folks for the 4th Genes, Dogs & Cancer Conference, being held Sept. 14-17, 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago Metrom. It will bring together researchers, veterinarians & breeders from around the world to discuss advances in canine cancer research.

Presentations will be made on these topics: Host and Microenvironment: Genetics and Host Interactions; Cancer Pathogenesis and Progression: Metastasis, Angiogenesis and Cytogenetics; Discovery and Delivery: Cancer Care, Diagnostics, Imaging, Therapy and Monitoring; and, Program Updates: Clinical Trials, Consortia, Regulatory Agencies.

The keynote speaker is Dr. Janet Rowley and Distinguished Speakers are Drs. Elaine Ostrander, Tom Rosol and Chand Khanna, who will present their research on the molecular origins of cancer, inherited cancers, metastasis and comparative oncology translation and biology.

Registration for this 3 1/2 day conference is $300, which includes breakfast and lunch each day of the conference, a Friday night Lake Michigan dinner cruise on the Mystic Blue, and a Saturday cocktail reception to view posters.


Gotta Dance Film – World’s Most Famous Dog Duo

I came to know Carolyn Scott after discovering an article in 2001 that referenced her and Rookie. After posting it to my site, Carolyn contacted me, later sending me video of her Grease performance. I knew that this was something extraordinary, needing to be shared with the world. So, I asked David Mintzer of Ideogram Productions to render it digitally. Of course, the rest is history as this clip continues to circulate the world, bringing joy to so many. From the soldiers in Iraq–to men too proud to admit their tears–to dog lovers and non-dog lovers alike, no one who can keep their eyes off this intriguing pair as they work their magic.

While this video clip was created by our foundation, this has not stopped folks from endlessly copying it and listing it at several video sharing sites on the web, Youtube.com alone boasting 70+ separate listings. The problem, however, with doing this is that it prevents folks from understanding the most unique tale behind this talented duo, and the important work of our Foundation, of which Carolyn is a member.

I have a very special treat for everyone, but, first, promise me a few things. Please do learn more about the Gotta Dance Documentary (2007 debut planned), including the adversity that Carolyn has endured due to her polio and post polio symptoms. Learn how this film is part of the Foundation’s mission, and what is hoped for with its creation.

This clip includes Rookie’s Grease routine, followed by another performance that highlights the unbelievable moves that only he can pull off with such finesse!