An Anniversary Ritual

While I don’t want to say how many years, yesterday, August 19th, was my wedding anniversary. Hubby Gary always tries to find a Golden card to celebrate such occasions, but it is pretty tough to find such anniversary cards. It did take him many stores, and he initially was going to settle on a birthday card. When the salesperson told him that he had not selected the correct card, he told her not to fear as he had a magic marker at home which would take care of that problem. He’s good at crossing out parts of cards to make them work. He’s very funny that way. But, then he by chance tried another store, and did have success.

I love the inside of the card, as he signs Golden Alfie’s name first, Kitty Cindy’s name next, and then finally his name. He typically also draws in different size paw prints. But, sadly, he said he could not do it as doing so reminded him too much of Darcy, who has been gone now 6 months, even though it feels like it was only yesterday when she left our side.


4 thoughts on “An Anniversary Ritual

  1. Rochelle, what a beautiful anniversary card Gary gave you from Cindy,Alfie and himself.
    He is one special guy to try so hard to find cards with Golden’s on them. Hope y’all had a great Anniversary.

  2. Happy Anniversary from Jamie and Adam Holtz in Ft Worth TX. Can’t believe it has been 6 months already since your great loss. I still visit the site often. I was disappointed that Adam’s song went away. Really sorry about the way the Oprah deal turned out or rather didn’t turn out! I can’t understand people. I love the Rookie tribute!!! Will it ever be available in DVD or anything? Are you still working on the Gotta Dance DVD?? Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary!!! jamie

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