Appreciating, not Hurting Animals

I love this photo of this Golden carrying around his new kitty pal. And, his soft mouth is perfect for the job, except for giving the little darling a wet head, of course.

I am waiting for my Golden Alfie and Kitty Cindy become this close. I do catch Cindy sometimes licking Alfie’s head or fur on different parts of his body, and you can tell that he is really taking it all in, trying not to move an inch so that she will continue.

Our animals are too precious and important to not care about their welfare.

See how you can stay on top of animal protective legislation. Urgent action is needed.


2 thoughts on “Appreciating, not Hurting Animals

  1. I was appalled to read that the FDA has done nothing to stop this horrible treatment of animals. What is wrong with our country today. At what point intime will someone realize that how we treat animals reflects on how we treat people and the type of person we are. Thanks for publishing the link, i had no idea this was going on. I will never go to another circus and will think twice before going to a zoo. Rochelle, I love the web site, I visit everyday for my “Golden Fix”, especially when i am at work and my two beautiful golden fur kids are at home. Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks so much for the support. I wish I had more visitors, especially to the blog lol. I am always looking for information that many are unaware of yet would be intrigued to know about.

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