Scott Shields – Rearing his ugly head again



This photo shows an almost 12-year-old “Bear” during his 1 1/2 days on the pile at Ground Zero. Old Scott and his old dog Bear were asked to leave then by Lt. Dan Donadio, head of the NYPD’s canine unit, due to their not being qualified.

It should be noted that dogs of this age would never be allowed into an urban disaster site, given the inherent danger of the situation. Urban Search & Rescue dogs must have specialized agility training and continually train to remain in working shape. They are typically retired as they approach 8 to 9 years of age.

I guess it is fitting that on this military holiday I would receive the following post from David Klein about the infamous Scott Shields ( Fraud Probe Hounds Rescuer; Author, Nancy West providing real facts )

I have only lately become aware of the claims made against Shields. Your article serves to shed greater light. Until the aftermath of 9/11 I had never had any contact with rescue or therapy dogs of any kind. I worked as a volunteer, for six months, at St. Paul’s Chapel, across the street, literally in the shadow of the site. When Shields came to the Chapel with Bear he was greeted as a hero and Bear, G-d love him, was showered with affection. I am embarrassed to admit to having several pictures of myself, my wife (also a volunteer) and my son with Shields and Bear on the Broadway porch of the Chapel.

My wife and I subsequently ran into Shields (and Bear’s supposed “offspring,” Theodore) at several post-9/11 themed occasions. By that time, his constant self-promotion had started to grate on us, but we never would have suspected the depth of this man’s dishonesty and his seemingly effortless willingness to profit personally from the tragedy of 9/11. Even when we tried (unsuccessfully) to mail to him copies of some of the pictures we had (at his request) to an address supplied by him and had them bounced back as undeliverable, we did not suspect. I guess we were not yet over the typical “honeymoon” period following our experiences at Ground Zero, and were still willing to believe the best in everyone. Well, the honeymoon has come to a screeching end. Thank you for your tireless efforts to expose this #$@!&*. Keep it up.


15 thoughts on “Scott Shields – Rearing his ugly head again

  1. Rochelle, am unable to contact you via email as they keep getting bounced back, but letting you know I too, cannot access the site or gift shop, or even email you.
    Have had this problem for last couple of hours now.

  2. The servers are down because my hosting company has taken on more folks than they have energy to service. They are supposedly moving servers in 4 weeks, but in the meantime, who knows what is going on. I will suposedly be back up in 4 hours …. maybe.

  3. It sickens me to no end to see that picture of poor Bear with his paws caked in dirt and he looks so pitiful and tired that poor poor dog.

  4. Hi rochelle…’s unfair to categorize Bear as “his old dog Bear.” I realize that what this Shields guy has done was wrong, but i grew to love Bear and bought his cards, and the book and it wasn’t his fault he got “dragged” into this whole thing and used by his “owner.” Bear was awsome and the whole country fell in love with him. How could you not, just look at his sweet face! I cried for days when he died. Anyway, just a note in Bear’s defense……I still think of him often. I love your website and have been following it for years.

  5. I also knew Scott and Theo. I was inspired by the story and have owned Goldens my whole life. I cried like a baby over the story about Bear. My old Golden laying at my feet while I read it.

    The only good thing that came out of this is that my company was energized in the emergency management market (where we really do save lives) to build systems for emergency responders (like I thought Scott was). So a tiny bit of good came from it.

    Motivation comes from strange places some times and I was motivated by Bear’s story.

    Bear was a very brave old dog and I am sad the story isn’t what it was presented as. I still cannot help but love Bear. Don’t blame Bear for the fact the story got out of Scott’s control and his weakness took over from there. Theo (not Bears releative) is still a wonderful Golden. He is not agressive (when I knew him) and is a fine dog as well.

    Scott on the other hand has to deal with the mess he has created.


  6. Greg, you may want to correct those photos that you have of Bear and Theo. Scott is not a Captain. It was a title he gave himself. That information has been substantiated and noted in court proceedings.

  7. I forgot to mention, neither Bear or Theo were SAR dogs. The silly patches and other tags hanging from both dogs were just that, silly. They never received any formal training and were never accredited through any recognized organization. They were just innocent and loving pets.

  8. Too late. Before I knew the whole thing was a scam, I was very outspoken on his behalf. The web has picked that up from multiple sites. I will edit my photos on my personal page to reflect the fact he was not a Captain (although he was in the NY Water Patrol, wasn’t he?).

    My admiration for Bear doesn’t change, he did his best for Scott. He should have not been there, you are right.

    All I can say is, I took inspiration from the story and for better or worse, am loosly associated with his tall tail. In a strange way he did help save some lives in describing to me the communication issues they had at 911. It is why I built the satellite network I did to help emergency responders.

  9. I have spoke at length with Nancy West the author of the book and understand the situation. I can only count myself as one of the gullable parties wanting to believe in the story.

    But, I DID take inspiration from the story and I guess I will thank Nancy for that. Only thing I claim Scott DID do is describe the communication issues faced at 911 to me and that DID evolve into action on my part. Everything else was just fabrication it seems and those fabrications just got bigger and bigger. I guess I am not the first to take inspiration from a piece of fiction. It is a crying shame that a story like this has to destroyed, because it was a nice story. People need hope and this trashes that.

    I am in no way trying to justify anything he did. I just want my record set straight in the matter. As a lover of Goldens, I was reeled right in.

    Up with dogs, down with people…

  10. I understand. Scott is now out of jail, but I doubt he will pay anything back. And, I am sure he will start scamming folks again. It’s just his nature. He doesn’t know anything different, unfortunately. His sister enters jail next month to do her time.

  11. I just saw this man at the dog park in Monroe Township NJ’s Thompson Park on 8/14/09. And witnessed Theodore attack another dog. Be warned, this man is prowling our beloved park

  12. That dog has attacked other dogs in the past. Scott is not a responsible dog person at all. I actually feel sorry for the dog because Scott puts the dog in situations that are not safe for other dogs. Therefore, he is responsible for those actions. If you care to report him, I have provided available contact information below. I only wish I had the name of his probation officer and contact information but I do not. I’d recommend that you do contact someone about what you witnessed.

    SCOTT SHIELDS Federal Bureau of Prisons Register #10296-014
    07-10-2009 RELEASED

    NEWARK, NJ 07102
    PHONE (973) 645-6161
    FAX (973) 645-2155

    Mark Hengemuhle, Supervisor – Supervision Unit / Office Manager – (973) 645-4773
    Carolee Grazioso, Supervisor – Supervision Unit – (973) 645-2027
    Maureen Kelly, Supervisor – Supervision Unit – (973) 645-2995

    TRENTON, NJ 08608
    PHONE (609) 989-2071
    FAX (609) 989-2367
    Map & Directions

    John Skorupa, Supervisor – Investigation Unit / Office Manager – (609) 989-2362
    Michael McLean, Supervisor – Supervision Unit – (609) 989-2371

  13. Karen, probably being irresponsible about his dog won’t be an illegal transgression. But, if you actually talked to Scott about the following or observed the following, it could be important.

    1. Was Scott wearing some official type uniform?
    2. Was Scott promoting, selling books, pan handling, or asking for a donation for his foundation?
    3. Was Theodore wearing a dog vest with lots of work patches on it?
    4. Did you chat with Scott, and in such conversation, did he detail his dead hero dog or his charity?
    5. Did Scott give you a business card for his foundation?

    If you see him again or tell your friends in the area to be on the lookout for him, maybe someone will be witness to such actions. Regardless, reporting the dog biting incident is still important.

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